Orchard Kung Fu

Albert Community Centre
Basement, Room 5
610 Clarence Avenue South (At the corner of 12th and Clarence)
Saskatoon, SK
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Welcome to Saskatoon Nine Dragon Baguazhang

Photo by John Brinton

Photo by John Brinton

Welcome to Orchard Kung Fu, the home of Jiulong Baguazhang (Nine Dragon Eight Trigram Palm) in Western Canada. Dr. Yancy Orchard, our head instructor, has named our training hall the Xin Fu Gompa (Place of Tranquility and Complete Acceptance) in recognition of the philosophical principles underpinning the Daoqiquan arts.

At Orchard Kung Fu, we train serious students engaged in developing genuine martial abilities and in truly improving themselves as human beings. Effort may not be avoided. To make real gains, rigorous introspection must be embraced and precise body-mind engrams must be instilled. We train students to achieve whole body power, spontaneous action, efficient movement, freedom of breath, and flexibility of mind because in these areas we are expert.

As an official Jiulong Baguazhang Wu Guan (Martial Training Hall), certified under the auspices of Dr. John Painter and the Jiulong Baguazhang Association, we boldly seek out the latest scientific research to clarify traditional mystical explanations. Our courses consist of Reality-Based Health and Self-Defence methods and principles taught with an approach that makes the traditional material clear, concise and devoid of fantasy.

The core of our Martial curriculum revolves around the famous and extremely rare, combat-effective, traditional internal martial art Jiulong Baguazhang. Designed specifically for dealing with multiple opponents, Jiulong Baguazhang uses the entire body for striking, locking, throwing and controlling attackers. Baguazhang is famous among Chinese martial artists for precise, fast and unpredictable footwork. Baguazhang is distinguished from other martial arts by the signature circle walking training method it employs.

The essence of our Health and Longevity curriculum is the unique Li Clan Daoist Flying Dragon Qigong. This program was reputedly transmitted by the famous Li, Ching Yuen and, through the efforts of Dr. John Painter, has been researched, systematized and blended with modern medical knowledge until it has become an unparalleled method of unifying and optimizing one’s mind-body-spirit and harmoniously balancing oneself with Nature.

The ultimate goal of Nine Dragon Baguazhang is to develop internal energy and to move naturally with such power, grace, and balance that, no matter what happens, one is able to advantageously blend with the “Now” moment – merging and flowing with external forces while preserving one’s own energy.

We invite you to change your life! Enter the circle of the Li Jia Jiulong Baguazhang and Flying Dragon Qigong today!